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  Address: 16-18 Jamaica Boulevard, Federation Park, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

The Caribbean Vector Borne Disease Network (CariVecNet) was conceptualised by a consortium of institutions for the organization of two workshops which identified the need for a regional network on surveillance , diagnosis, research, and control of vector borne emerging disease in the Caribbean. These workshops were funded by the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases. CariVecNet aims to:

Foster collaboration among member countries, international public health agencies, developmental partners, academia, technical and financial partners to strengthen VBD control porgrammes in the Caribbean.

Develop data sharing through an electronic website and improve community development in vector control.

Exchange surveillance information on the circulating of VBDs, share facilities for diagnosis and surveillance and collaborate on vector control research topics.

Standardise technologies and training with the expected long-term outcome being better prevention and control of VBDs.

It comprises of working groups and subject matter experts responsible for vector control, disease surveillance, clinical management and laboratory services.